Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Gate-2 Monkey Business

So many passport applicants in DFA Pasay as spied by our representatives since June 17 – 22, 2009 were most of them are really appalled of the DFA Gate 2 Monkey business and DFA-Allowed Fixers. Most of their victims are came from the province, beginner, N00b, and let say innocent to DFA processing system which become a victim of DFA-allowed Fixers at the Gate 2. If you will walk along the DFA Pasay, you could see the big prints in the wall, “Beware of Fixers”. If you will enter the DFA building, DFA Security guards will barred you and say go back to the “Gate 2” the form is there. When you will enter the called Gate 2, it’s the DFA uniformed staff? with DFA Identification saying “We are not Fixers”. When you start processing they will ask you Php 1,700 for a 32 pages passport. Gate 2 uniformed DFA Staff are not an ordinary Fixers but DFA-allowed Fixers victimizing “Promdi” who want to have their passport.

If you will think of P 500.00 for 14 days processing passport will increased up to P 1,700.00 what could you say about it?. Nag nenegosyo na pala ang DFA ngayon? Ito ba ang dapat ipagmamalaki ng ating bayan? Anong tawag dito? Harap harapang pambibiktima ng mga inosente? Bakit ayaw papapasukin ng DFA Security guard ang galing sa tinatawag nila na “Gate 2” kasi ba business nila yun? Ang Security guard ay susunod lamang sa utos nga kanyang boss. And who would be the boss of the DFA?

So sad to know that the SSS management allowed this illegally. Is this the process to make “Job” to jobless? By working as fixers to victimized the Filipino mass? I utterly disagree this system. This is impossible to say that the SSS management didn’t know about this because when you will go directly to their screening and verifying windows, they will do their best for you to surrender and get back to the fixers were requirements is lesser than inside. And yeah, Php 1,700 will lose from your pocket. Pinapahirapan nila ang mga Passport applicants, with a screening na pang iinsulto sa mga aplicante. Is it the right way to serve the public? Public servant is not a boss, instead of respecting the applicants, insultuhin at pahihirapan nila. The “Rebuild Better Philippines advocates” could show and face the victims to the authorities is really needed.

Since two of the victims who reported us here were victimized last June 19, 2009 Friday, they still go back to the fixers in the following week with us to clarify kung hindi lang sila na malik-mata but we found it true. Naka uniform na DFA fixers. Kumuha ulit kami ng form at picture na agad ang susunod amounting to One Hundred Ninety and 0/100 Peso (P 190.00) for 6 pcs passport size ID picture. Is it not over pricing? After having the Photo ID they tried to escape to the main DFA building. The Fixers got angry and call the Security guard of the DFA para pigilan sila at huwag papasukin. At this point nakita namin ang sabwatan ng DFA at fixers. Kailangan pa bang gawin yun? Ganito naba ka sama ang Public office ng Pilipinas? Lahat naba ganito? Why do the government leaders allowed this foolishness? Kung ganito man lang lahat, bakit pa ipaglalaban ang kalayaan sa Pilipinas, wasak na ang Pilipinas at wala ng halaga kasi binababoy mismo ng mga Public servant ang pangalan ng bawat tanggapan nila.

Hindi pwede na hahayaan nalang natin sila. Who are government servants? How they earned a living? Taxes ng mga mangagawang pinoy, taxes ng mga negosyante, hindi nila pera ang pinapaswledo sa kanila, pera ng mga Filipino. It’s hard for us to allow it to happen because we know it’s really wrong and it’s hard to accept it that it is already called trade mark of the Philippine government offices as corrupt offices which are a shame to all and every Filipino. Why do we let them stay in their office if they could not correct the mistake and keep on tolerating it to happened at sasabihing, masasanay din kayo, kasi ganito talaga ang government. Di kayo nahihiya hindi ganyan ang government review your Civil Service manuals and you would know it. Delikadesa lang as Filipino?
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