CANTO naval group Will supply an Anti-torpedo system for the Philippine Warships

CANTO naval group Will supply an Anti-torpedo system for the Philippine Warships

Illustration of the CANTO anti-torpedo system (Credit: Naval Group)

On Monday, October 17, representatives from the Philippines’ National Defense Department and the France-based Naval Group conducted the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of the CONTRALTO® Reaction Module in France. This milestone allows for the installation of CONTRALTO® in the C-Guard decoy launch system of the two frigates.

On December 1, 2021, the Philippine Navy Department of National Defense notified the Naval Group of its first contract in the Philippines. France-based Naval Group will provide an anti-torpedo defense system based on the CANTO® / CONTRALTO® the latest generation of defense countermeasures solution to equip the two José Rizal-class frigates. This breakthrough in torpedo defense applies a unique concept to defend the frigates. It is based on the dilution/confusion concept to defend high-value mission-critical units by generating a 360-degree high-level beep, covering the entire frequency range of the attacking torpedo.

This anti-torpedo system is equipped with the associated Contralto® reaction module, which calculates the most appropriate evasion maneuver and deployment sequence once a threat is detected. CANTO® and CONTRALTO® are world references already in service with the French Navy and many foreign navies.

Naval Group announced the opening of its office in Manila at the end of 2020. The company's broad portfolio offers many opportunities to meet the full range of the Philippines' naval needs, from developing naval forces to building a world-class submarine force.

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